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There's no Tigger, and the only one with a "gloomy place" here with probably be me; but there is definitely rabbits and maybe some owls and occasional piglets. Most importantly, though...I love it.

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I don't know how this happened, it just happened...

Blue was not originally part of the plan, but so happy things fell into place. [Click the "Meet Blue" link to learn to the full blog post for the backstory.]

Blue is a steel commercial building, sitting on an acre of land.

The Properties: Quote


I grew up on an 80 acre ranch, with my parents & grandparents. Both grandparents died in 2020-2021, so their home is not my uncle's. Additionally, my oldest adult son lives on the ranch & has for some time, in order to assist my parents.

When acquiring property, proximity to the Ranch was of primary concern so that we could be available to help the elders with their needs.

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