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The Two Acre Wood

Welcome to the Two Acre Wood.

There's no Tigger, and the only one with a "gloomy place" here with probably be me; but there is definitely rabbits and maybe some owls and occasional piglets. Most importantly, though...I love it.

There is a lot of cleanup to do, as dead trees were left standing after a fire, several years ago. Once those are taken down, though, I think there will be a perfect spot cleared for a small cabin; which is great because I don't want to clear live trees if at all possible. Plus, it's close to the tiny little pond, so it'll be a nice view from my front porch.

Like the other property, no utilities have ever been run to the property; but I'm thinking digging a well and solar power. Naturally, those details are subject to change once we commencing actual work on the property.

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