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What even is sustainability?

Often, when people ask me why I went & did something as...ummm, we'll call it moving to a remote area & living off grid, I normally simply state that I wanted to create a life that was more sustainable.

Most people clearly don't get it & most simply quit inquiring, but a few understand. A certain number of people from the first group will press for more information, asking what "sustainable" even means.

For me, sustainability encompasses multiple layers. There is, of course, the most common usage of the phrase, in which living a sustainable lifestyle is formulated to reduce one's negative impact on the planet, Eco-friendly, if you will.

In addition to that, we attempt to live a life that gives back more to our community than we take and also to live within the limited resources of our family.

With each decision that we make, we try to balance these three factors in order to come up with the most practical solution, even if it might be unconventional.

When we make a purchase, we try to make sure that it is something that will last and, ideally, have more than one use, especially if it is being procured for a temporary use--which is a common occurrence in a build-as-you-go situation. We attempt to buy items with the least packaging and avoid single use products whenever possible--cloth napkins, instead of paper, etc. This not only helps the environment, but does a lot for our personal budget, as well.

Interestingly, it was my limited resources that started this entire process. In the last couple years, my health has taken a downturn and I started realizing

that I couldn't keep the pace that I had been accustomed to. However, when I looked at the possibility of retiring, it seemed impossible.

For the past decade, I was the sole earner in the household and an average of half my income went to rent. There was no way that I would be able retire with the estimated retirement income that I should receive if I was still renting. So, I d

ecided that purchasing a small amount of property & building a small home on it was the best option. Also, knowing that my parents were going to need increased help as the years past, I knew that it needed to be near them. I just thought this process was going to happen over a period of several years.

COVID changed that because it meant my parents needed us immediately. So, I hit fast forward on the plan, gave up the rent house and relocated pretty much overnight. And here we are, essentially camping in Blue. But we're having a great time & I'll be answering more of your questions in upcoming posts, so keep sending them


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