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One Week In

Last night marked one week since we officially moved into Blue and we're starting to get settled in and establish a routine.

One thing this process has taught me is, there is never a shortage of opinions about how things should be done, particularly from people who will not be affected by the decision at all.

People have expressed confusion as to why we'd make living off-grid a goal, as well as how horrified they are that we are hauling water rather than waiting until a well is in place, before moving in. Apparently the concept of build-as-you-go is completely lost on some folks and, quite honestly, I'm not sure there's much hope to help them wrap their heads around it so, instead, I just smile and nod as they give their unwanted opinions. Fortunately, I don't place much value on being "normal" or on my home being impressive to others, so it doesn't sting like it might otherwise.

I do think that a big component to successfully navigating a journey like the one we've begun is to make sure it aligns with your values and goals. For example, a great deal of the typical real estate market, particularly housing, is focused on what others think. We use phrases such as "curb appeal" or how specific features "make a statement", which are all euphemisms for trying to impress other people.

If that is something that you value, a project like this is probably not for you. While it is possible to build an off grid home in a way that incorporates some of those ideas, it will include a lot of unnecessary expense and likely have features that decrease efficiency or sustainability, which seems counterproductive at best. However, if you can realign your worldview to let go of that superficiality, the possibilities are endless.

Currently, I'm planning a series of posts to explain how we are living and functioning in the space, focusing primarily on specific questions that we have received. So, if you have a question, please send it in so that it can be included.

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