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Now THAT's Service

Small towns & rural areas are infamous for everyone knowing everyone...& everyone's business, but sometimes that can work out in your favor.

The delivery driver that brings my packages, when I'm in the area, does not like Blue's driveway. This is understandable because it would have him backing out into the highway, which isn't very safe. So, when he has to deliver there, he parks at the church next door and walks the package over...which has him walking alongside the highway, which doesn't seem much safer, but I digress.

So, once he learned to recognize my vehicle, he began delivering to me wherever he sees me parked. Whether I'm parked next door, borrowing their shade while working in my van, or parked at the store up the road, he stops and delivers my packages. Today was a whole new level, though.

While I was at the Two Acre Wood, clearing stumps and limbs from where my sons cut trees from the house, I was throwing a limb on the fire, I heard a man's voice say "that looks like a lot of work". When I looked up, I see Delivery Guy walking down through the woods with my package.

Apparently he saw my van from the highway, even though it was pulled off into the trees, so he stopped to deliver to me, even though it meant having to walk all the way back of the acre. Now THAT's service.

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