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Hello Spring

Since Spring arrived, we've had a lot of projects that have been in progress simultaneously. We have a couple of raised beds that are about halfway ready to plant in, as well as some seeds in pots that are just getting started.

I decided to frost the Cottage windows in order to help with the harsh sunlight heating things up, as well as providing privacy.

After spending a lot of time looking at the various frosting sprays & films, I decided to go with the old Elmer's glue method.

Nearly 20 years ago, I taught my now grown kids how to make suncatchers with glue & it was as easy as I remembered. Simply roll the glue on the glass & let it dry.

It turned out quite nicely & diffuses the light quite wonderfully.

Additionally, we added some window screening & an awning for the Cabin.

The awning allows the door to be propped open for ventilation, even during spring rains. It also provides some shading from the sun, since nothing is growing on the arch to provide that function, just yet.

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