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Even small steps should be celebrated…

Like most households, weekdays are mostly about work & school for us, but we’re able to get small things done in between. This week is was putting together a new compost tumbler & hanging some solar outdoor lights.

20 years ago I was all about the open compost bin & faithfully turning it but my body just isn’t up to that anymore, so buying a tumbler was the accommodation that I came up with.

My garden areas aren’t together yet, but this way there will be compost ready for them once they are.

As for the lights we installed, we went with the same type that we put in at Blue—solar powered, motion activated lights.

These we’re installed all around the outside of the house so that we can see whenever we have to leave the house but they shut off quickly once no movement is detected so there’s no additional disruption to the serenity of the woods & it’s nocturnal inhabitanta.

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