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Don’t have everything…but now do have the kitchen sink…

Search for a very long time to find the sink that I wanted at a reasonable price & have finally managed it!

Because I like to reuse as much as possible, I scoured many yard sales, flea markets, & other such venues for these and found many options...all of which were priced at a point at or even above the cost of a new one. So, I opted to order a new unit, where I wouldnt be having to replace gaskets or do cleanup to get it all in working order.

Delivery took a while and, because the shipment came right before holidays and in the midst of the major, priority project that is currently underway--the ceiling--the sink sat in the box for quite a while.

However, I did eventually unpack and assemble this beauty:

I've tried for several days to get photos but the light is just never gonna be ideal for that because the majority of light we have is from the windows, so it's always going to be backlight and adding artificial light from any other angle just creates absurd reflections. I love y'all, I truly do...but nI'm not searching through my storage to find my photography lights & reflectors just to create a magazine worthy photo, so you're gonna have to make due with this one.

As you can see, we still don't have wallboards up and there is no plumbing to this, yet, but those will come with due time. The drains will connect to a grey water system, which will water our fruit trees--which also exist solely in my imagination, at this point.

In the future, we will be digging a well, but we will move forward with plumbing, even before that because it will allow me to complete tasks like washing dishes, laundry, etc., more easily. Currently, dishes are washed at an outdoor station which is essentially a series of dishpans and a drains rack, like we'd set up if we were camping.

When there is enough rainwater for laundry, it is washed in plastic storage totes, out by the clothes line. When there's not enough water, I just spend a couple dollars at the laundromat rather than haul water twice in order to have enough for clothes.

Even while we're still hauling water, this sink setup will save my back & provide the convenience of being able to simply let the water drain away, when I'm done with it, rather than having to empty all the containers and ensure that it's done in a place & manner that isn't eroding my yard.

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