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Clearing land at the Two Acre Wood.

It hurts my heart to cut down living trees but, fortunately most of the ones that have to go are already dead where they stand because of a previous fire. And most of the live ones are cedar trees, which my son intends to use for support beams when building a large loft in Blue.

The hardwood that was removed has been cut to use for firewood, so nothing is being wasted.

I mention that because I was absolutely appalled at the number of people who

suggested that I clear cut the Two Acre Wood or, worse, rent a dozer & and push all the trees into a pile & burn them. Honestly, wtf is wrong with people?!?

I chose this property specifically because of the trees & I am not clearing any more than necessary for us to live on it. Folks need to do better. Anyone know how to summon the Lorax? Cuz I know some people they need to pay a visit to...

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