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Blue Updates

The fence around Blue is halfway finished. This is great news, as many other projects at both properties have been delayed due to having to finance this unexpected project.

For those who aren’t aware of why this became necessary, this post can be found HERE. For those still interested in donating, the GoFundMe link is HERE.

Another project that we’ve completed at Blue, which I forgot to blog about is the driveway improvements.

Because this property was built with conventional methods, which largely disregards the landscape and, instead, tries to force it to bend to

the will of human engineering, there was a flooding problem every time it rained.

This happened because the building was built without taking into account the water draining from the highway. No berm was created to keep the runoff contained to the ditch and no drainage was created to help it drain around the building, so it pooled in the front. This, of course, also made the driveway & yard into a muddy mess.

So, we laid permeable paves at the top of the driveway, which was mostly red clay. Then, we hauled in gravel over the top.

We need to add some more gravel, but it’s coming along nicely.

We also dug a drainage ditch, in order to allow the water to drain into the creek that it was meant to drain into. Thankfully, this has been very successful at also providing solid ground in the driveway & front yard.

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