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A small leak will sink a great ship…

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Despite the quote in the title, I know nothing about ships. I do know, however, that even a small roof leak can result in devastating damage to your structure, if not dealt with quickly.

During the winter storm, water began coming in which, of course, was not a welcome surprise.

I was able to quickly locate the issue, which was a failure to extend the roof far enough beyond the eaves.

Water had not leaked in during previous rains but the ice build up slowed the runoff and began forcing the water into the wall.

Fortunately, having a guarantee on the roof was part of the appeal of hiring someone else to build the primary structure. So, contacted them and they got it fixed yesterday. And, since we had not yet installed a ceiling or wall boards, there is no lasting damage. So we can move forward with construction as planned.

In other interesting news: was woken up about 3:15am this morning by a mountain lion scream. I had suspected one stayed close to the house cuz I heard the death gasp of a prey animal a couple weeks ago but was too dark to see into the woods. But this sounded VERY close. Rest assured I believe in leaving my neighbors alone.

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