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Wood stove upgrades

The wood stove setup got a couple upgrades. As I previously mentioned, when I put the stovepipe through the wall, no one had the correct flashing in stock, so I had to order it.

The silicone flashing finally came in & I got it installed. They're made to fit a range of sizes & you cute them to the size you need and they are flexible enough to conform to all the waves in the metal siding of the building so no worry of drafts or moisture getting into the wall to damage it.

Still need to put in a clean out in the pipe & additional support for what will be a taller stack but, for now, I only added some bracing inside the wall to ensure that there's no movement of the pipe that passes through, which could create a fire hazard.

Also had an issue with the grate in the bottom of the stove breaking. This thing is only a year old & I've never had one burn through so quickly, so it was a surprise. When I went to the store to replace it, I found firebricks on clearance so decided to give them a try.

I've never used firebrick in a wood stove but have always heard positive things, so decided to give it a try as anything is preferable to burning directly on the floor of the stove & reducing its life expectancy.

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