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"What do you do for water?"

How we manage without a water source on the property is consistently one of the first questions we get from people. Water is life, after all, so it's understandable.

The answer is simple: we do what millions of other people do--we haul water.

Fortunately, we have access to multiple sources of clean water and we have the luxury of manageable containers and convenient locations to haul from. We even have the option of well water and water from the county water supply.

We have a total of 10 water containers, that hold 3.5 gallons each, which we fill with a drinking water safe hose and a filter. The odd looking tube connected to the filter is simply a filling tube, with an easy-close valve to reduce spillage and make the process much easier.

We opted for this type of container for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they're a manageable size that even the kids can handle. Additionally, at some point in the future, the intent is to dig a well on the properties, so this hauling situation is temporary. So, if we used large cisterns, there would be fewer options for putting them to use, once running water is available. These containers, however, are perfect for camping or RVing, so will still be put to good use.

We don't have a full rainwater catchment system, yet, but we do have plastic bins that can catch some of what falls from the sky, which I have been using to wash laundry.

This spring had quite a bit of rainfalls, so we are just now having to actually haul water for laundry, as rainwater collection had been enough up until now.

So, when we do NOT have to haul water for laundry, we have to refill our containers about 3x per week. When we DO have to haul water for laundry, we haul water daily.

We are learning a lot about ways to conserve water and where our primary water usage (and waste) is, which are things I wasn't fully aware of prior to this experience. Additionally, I always thought hauling water would be extremely grueling work. However, with access to containers, water on tap, and motor vehicles with which to haul it, it is about the same level of difficulty as going into a coffee shop and waiting in line to order your overly complicated beverage while being called the wrong name.

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