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Summer Showers

Last time we mentioned showering, we were all still staying at Blue. Since the young ones & I have moved to The Cottage, though, some folks have wondered what we here since there is not yet plumbing.

Naturally, we can still go over to Blue or to the Ranch but we generally don’t. We can bathe from a bucket & get just as clean. However, since the weather has turned hot, we set up a summer shower out front because it’s nice to have some cool water poured over you sometimes, especially when it’s oppressively hot outside.

Sometimes simple solutions really are all you need. 😉

And for those who’ve been concerned about how we’re managing in the heat, we do have an air conditioner that can be powered by the generator. We don’t need it until it’s over 95 degrees, though, because the attic fans pull heat out of here effectively enough that the breeze through the windows is sufficient in most weather. So, no need to worry; we’re staying cool enough.

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