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Small joys…

Almost every day, someone asks me what new progress has been made on the homestead where The Cottage is located. And, usually, when I answer the question, the inquiring person tends to look confused because much of it sounds small & is often a small brick in a much larger metaphoric wall—yet being able to grasp the full vision can be difficult.

So this is my reminder to relish the small joys in life; seemingly small steps towards your goals. They are necessary to the overall success and each one of them matters.

This week, I’m grateful for the new clothesline I installed at The Cottage, last night (the previous one was left at Blue for my son to use). No more having to make due with the small, folding clothes rack. Laundry just got a lot easier!

Likewise, I’m extremely happy about the new solar panels and battery that we will be connecting to the array this weekend.

Life is good.

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