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One Giant Puzzle

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Living in a space while it's still under construction is a bit like those tile puzzles where you have to move a dozen tiles in order to move a tile into its correct place.

In large, multi-room structures, you can isolate the chaos into specific spaces & live in the others. When it's a small space that has no interior finishing upon move-in, though, that's simply not possible; so you need to be able to look several moves ahead & consider multiple strategies for efficiency of projects, simultaneously. Definitely more akin to chess than checkers.

Progress has been slow lately because attending to some struggles that my fourth child has been having have devastated the household budget for nearly this entire year. However, work on projects that already had supplies purchased or that I have been able to procure salvaged supplies for has continued & things are moving along. I promise that updates will be posted once a project--any project--is complete.

The big project of the moment is the ceiling, which is made of knotty pine tongue and groove planks. It's going to be beautiful when it's done but moving a ladder around in this small space has meant continually rearranging everything.

This weekend, I finally was able to buy a shelving unit for our shelf stable food. It's a bit of a mess at the moment, because additional organization is needed. However, getting all of this out of the storage totes they've been housed in has freed up a lot of floor space and makes it possible to get the ladder where I need it, to continue work on the ceiling.

The shelves also were a perfect size to fit the space that I plan to build out as a pantry. For now, the walls only exist in my mind, though.

Also, before anyone says it...yes, most of it is commods & I'm grateful for it, since we weren't able to have a garden this year & can our winter food like we normally would.

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