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Off Grid does not mean unsafe.

Got a visit from a child welfare investigator, today. Apparently someone reported “safety concerns” related to my children living in a building “with no utilities”. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I’m just going to assume that they don’t understand what the solar panels on the roof (very visible from the road) are for. And, while it is true that Blue is not connected to a water supply, we absolutely have clean water. We even have a shower & running water through sinks that are operated by foot pedal.

Perhaps the person didn’t know that & simply didn’t have the balls to ask, or maybe they did know all that & lied because they were just being judgmental about a lifestyle that they don’t understand or approve of. Either way, they made the wrong decision.

Studies indicate that being removed from their home causes long term trauma to a child, often even more so than abuse or neglect within the home. Therefore, making a child welfare referral is a huge risk to that child if there is not a severe threat to their wellbeing.

If whoever made this report had genuine concerns, they could’ve been alleviated with a simple question as there are no safety concerns here & we are thoroughly prepared to care for ourselves & to meet the needs of everyone in the household.

What this person may or may not have known is that two of my children spent time in the foster care system prior to their adoption. So, a visit from a child welfare investigator is quite triggering for them as it makes them fear losing their family, again. They tried to hide it but they were very anxious. I’m doing what I can to help them cope but only time will tell how long it takes for them fully relax.

In any event, the point is this: being off grid is not necessarily a safety risk. There are many ways to live, on or off grid, & weaponizing the child welfare system because you don’t approve of someone’s lifestyle is unacceptable.

If you need me, I’ll be out spending time with my plants & my kids for the rest of the night because other people are just too much.

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