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Let there be light

The cottage officially has a porch light!

Naturally, it’s solar powered and I specifically chose a model that allows the bulb to be changed. Many of the self contained solar lights have bulbs that last a very long time, but cannot be replaced, meaning the entire unit must be replaced.

Because I do not want to replace the entire setup, when a bulb inevitably stops working, I sought out a unit with a replaceable Edison bulb.

Also, I chose a model that has a pull string so that we would be able to turn it on when we are on the porch without needing to keep track of a remote. Most models that I found only had a remote and/or settings to stay on any time it is dark, or else are motion activated. I didn’t want the porch light to be on that much, as it results in an over abundance of insects hanging out near the door.

So, basically, when choosing fixtures, think about your needs and the functional requirements, then search for your item accordingly. Otherwise, it’s easy to see all the cute options and end up purchasing something that doesn’t necessarily work for your purposes which will then either need to be tolerated or replaced.

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