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Here Comes The Sun

Solar panels are up, and I say it's all right.

Originally we thought we'd be moving in without power or water but, thankfully, the feds came through with that third stimulus payment which allowed us to afford a solar generator and some water solutions (more on that in a future post).

After spending an unhealthy amount of time reading

about solar systems and many, many reviews, I decided on a system from Nature's Generator (see screenshot from their site).

Currently, it is installed with four solar panels but we do intend to save up for a wind turbine to add to the system.

Since we can't move in just yet, the only thing plugged into it at the moment is a mini fridge (and a fan when we're working inside the structure) so I don't know all the minutia of this system. I do like, however, that it comes with an app that lets me easily tell the status of everything which should help me to better understand and utilize it once we are all moved in.

I went with this portable system because this is what I intend to use in my tiny cabin. My son intends to build a solar array specifically for Blue but we couldn't swing that just yet so this way, if he does ultimately do that, I can simply take this system with me to The Two Acre Wood.

Feel free to leave comments to let us know your preferred off grid energy sources and systems.

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