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Hangin’ Out…

Not much has been done to The Cottage or Blue because we’re waiting on supplies. Blue is in line for septic work & The Cottage is awaiting delivery of lumber that was ordered in February but has been delayed both in the import process & the ground freight shipping.

I think it is now worked out, though, so we should be able to get it soon & get started on the ceiling install. After that project is completed, we’ll be able to move forward with interior walls and a loft build.

In the meantime, though, it’s summer break so the kids are just hanging out…literally.

We ordered a hammock, so I tasked the two youngest with assembling the stand and they did an awesome job (other than spreading the packaging everywhere, which I made them clean up).

10 has decided that he prefers to use it by wrapping himself in it completely, like a cocoon, rather than lying in it properly.


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