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Finding treasures…

Whenever possible, I like to reuse materials. After all, it's not very sustainable to just buy new everything plus I enjoy finding items that have been discarded or no longer in use and taking them home to give them new life.

Because of this, I've tried to be very open about how this build evolves. Rather than committing to specific designs or furniture pieces, I determined the non-negotiable elements and have gathered items that I find interesting, and find ways to incorporate them. This is how the final outcome of The Cottage is evolving.

So, I spend a lot of time in vintage malls, at flea markets, or checking out yard sales. More often than not, I don't buy anything because the goal isn't to collect cute items with no utility. It's to rescue things that will otherwise end up tossed out and to make them a part of our life & home.

I've posted about some of my finds but not most, simply because the vision won't make much sense until they're in place, but I've been thinking about them all a lot since yesterday, when I stumbled on a wonderful find in a vintage mall.

I assume this panel used to be part of a room divider, because there were two panels that were alike but no longer connected, though the holes very visible where hinges were once attached. The other panel, unfortunately, had been painted white so it did not come home with me.

I've had this half baked idea for a project that I wasnt being fully able to formulate until I saw the panel, propped up against a wall, stuck behind other things.

The funniest part was the kid at the store carrying it out for me and realizing that I planned to transport it in a Mitsubishi Mirage.

"Ummm...I think this is wider than your car."

"Don't worry, I can figure this out! Just give me a sec to start laying seats down." 🤣

And figure it out, we did.

For now, no spoilers about the project I have planned, but I'll definitely update once it comes together.

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