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Finding treasure…

Work has been progressing at The Cottage, over the last week & I had big plans to post project updates BUT, then I found a genuine treasure & it changed the entire course of my day. So, I’m going to share my joy with y’all instead…

I drove into town for fuel & decided to stop at a vintage store, on a whim. I do this randomly, in various places, just to see what I can stumble upon that is useful. One thing about living sustainably, especially in such a small space, is it means that things really need to be exactly what you need & want because you’re (hopefully) going to be living with it for a long time.

It’s certainly not very sustainable, ecological conscious, or financially wise to continually replace furniture or fixtures, after all, so I look for pieces that serve the needed purpose & that are well built; even if they need refurbishing.

Today, though, I stumbled across a piece that is something I’ve been searching for for about a decade, that also happened to be in excellent condition—a barrister bookcase.

The shop happened to have 3 of them, all in pristine condition. However, I simply had to have the one with a leaded glass window because it would coordinate with the quilt case that I bought last year at an antique store in Texas.

These two pieces are beautiful & will serve their purposes perfectly. I couldn't be happier with my new treasures.

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