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A lil bit of fresh air…

We installed a couple solar powered attic fans at The Cottage.

These are similar to the ones we installed in Blue last year (which I forgot to blog about. Oops.), only the ones there have fixed panels & the panels on The Cottage are adjustable.

This is what the ones at Blue look like from below:

At The Cottage, we decided on using two of these fans, with a vent on each in (also visible in the first photo), to ventilate the small attic space that will be created when the ceiling is installed.

Currently the ceiling project is delayed because my planking is on back order, but am hoping they will come soon. In the meantime, we’re trying to get everything prepared so that the install can begin immediately.

These fans are doing an excellent job in both buildings, of pulling out the hot Oklahoma air. Once the Cottage ceiling is put in, that will be reduced, even with the planned vents so we will troubleshoot that solution once we get there.

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