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Ain’t it Sweet

We don’t throw away produce around here. When we harvest more than we can eat, we preserve the rest, usually by canning because that...

Airing Dirty Laundry

Quick update to the previous post about the safety of off-grid life & answering a couple questions we’ve gotten since… I am now of the...

Now THAT's Service

Small towns & rural areas are infamous for everyone knowing everyone...& everyone's business, but sometimes that can work out in your...

How do you cook?

One of the first questions I hear from people, is how do we cook. From these conversations, I have concluded that most people think that...

One Week In

Last night marked one week since we officially moved into Blue and we're starting to get settled in and establish a routine. One thing...

Here Comes The Sun

Solar panels are up, and I say it's all right. Originally we thought we'd be moving in without power or water but, thankfully, the feds...

The Two Acre Wood

Welcome to the Two Acre Wood. There's no Tigger, and the only one with a "gloomy place" here with probably be me; but there is definitely...

Meet "Blue"

I don't know how this happened, it just happened... I feel like any introduction to this property needs to include its history, so let's...

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Oklahoma, USA

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